About Debt Masters Direct Services

DebtMastersDirect offer free initial advice in the U.K. and have arranged thousands of debt solutions on behalf of our customers.

Our financial solutions include Individual Voluntary Agreements (IVAs), Trust Deeds, Sequestration.

We customise all our insolvency programmes to the personal and financial circumstances of our clients. We believe it is important to treat each customer as if they were a family member. We offer the utmost confidentiality and transparency with all of our services.

Our Debt Restructuring services provide customers with:

  • A structured sustainable route for you to become debt free. (We advise against any quick fix solutions)
  • A consolidation of all payments into one single lower more affordable monthly payment
  • A solution to mortgage arrears helping you to remain in your home
  • Peace of mind, allowing you to take control of your finances and life
  • A stop to pressure being exerted on you by your creditors
  • Access to our team of professional case officers who are here to listen and to help.

DebtMastersDirect have built strong working relationships with brokers and the credit industry, and whilst they are not obliged to, we will arrange negotiations with your creditors to freeze or reduce the interest and charges on your accounts, wherever possible.

If you’re struggling to stay on top of your payments, we can ensure you have the funds you need for your priority debts, i.e. rent / mortgage, utility bills, etc. by reducing the cost of your non-priority debts – e.g. credit card debts, personal loans and overdrafts.
Talk to us and we will negotiate with your lenders for you, aiming to:

  •     Reduce your payments. You only pay what you can afford.
  •     Reduce your charges. We ask your creditors to freeze or reduce interest and charges.
  •     Reduce your stress. By handling all letters, phonecalls and negotiations with your lenders.


Call our team of expert debt advisers now for professional advice, free, on 0800 069 9303.